Start writing

It’s very difficult to start doing something. I mean writing personal blog in English too. Of course, you can ask «Why? You studied English at school, didn’t you? You were in Europe twice, weren’t you?».

Yes, I was in Denmark in 1994 and in Portugal in 2004. I wrote  scientific articles in English. Bying plane ticket in English-speaking country doesn’t seem to be trap for me.

But I haven’t enough speaking practice in city where I live. They don’t need English in Perm despite some european-like ambitions. «Perm? What is a strange town?» O, I can tell you a lot about Perm. It’s a city of paradox, really.

I’ll do write about it as soon as possible. But such stories require an advanced level of blogging from the author! And I’m only a beginner now…

So let me teach myself for a some little time ;)

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