Something about myself

My name is ПЕТР КУЛИЧКИН. Really.

But what does it mean in  English? Let’s try to translate.

My international passport and credit card make me to be PETR KULICHKIN. Are they correct? I cannot totally agree with them.

ПЕТР means ПЁТР, because the replacing Ё by Е is typical for russian type-setting tradition. So my name shoud read as PYOTR (not PETR). However, PYOTR is the same as PETR strange  for English-speaking people.

Fortunately, ПЕТР is possible to translate as PETER.

OK. And what is about surname?

Kulichkin seems to read like “Cuelichkin”. But the stressed syllable of my surname is the second one. Does Kulichkin mean “сue-Lich-kin”? No, it doesn’t. “Ку”  reads like “coo” in Russian.

So “Coo Lich Kin” in English might give the impression of a “Sweet Relative of a King Ghost”.

On the contrary, “Кулич” means “Easter Cake” in Russian. So Kulichkin may be translated into English as “Easter-Pieson”. It’s quite different from the “sweet cousin of a ghost”, isn’t? ;)

But the view of my passport and credit card is very difficult to challenge.

I’m officially PETR KULICHKIN.

I’m Peter Kulichkin on the Internet.

In Russian, I’m Pyotr Coo-Lich-Kin, that means “Peter Easterpieson”.

Finally, I’m Pyotr Alexandrovich Coo-Lich-Kin for my students.

Yo can see the story I’ve just told is very easy to write. Really. ;)

Start writing

It’s very difficult to start doing something. I mean writing personal blog in English too. Of course, you can ask «Why? You studied English at school, didn’t you? You were in Europe twice, weren’t you?».

Yes, I was in Denmark in 1994 and in Portugal in 2004. I wrote  scientific articles in English. Bying plane ticket in English-speaking country doesn’t seem to be trap for me.

But I haven’t enough speaking practice in city where I live. They don’t need English in Perm despite some european-like ambitions. «Perm? What is a strange town?» O, I can tell you a lot about Perm. It’s a city of paradox, really.

I’ll do write about it as soon as possible. But such stories require an advanced level of blogging from the author! And I’m only a beginner now…

So let me teach myself for a some little time ;)

My 1st post

This is my first post in English. It’ rather small and simple.

If I can speak English so easy like Russian, my stories would be more interesting.

But now I’d like to complete this post.

See you later!